Desticlox (Pty) Ltd acts as the contractor for large scale development projects relating to infrastructure and manufacturing plants across the African continent. Mammoth past achievements and current works make Desticlox a leader in the field of construction and development.  Due to its impressive portfolio of projects and expertise, Desticlox easily lands itself the very best in the management and execution of major short-term and long-term schemes and assignments. It derives its corporate muscle and presence from smooth alliances with partner teams and Government Departments.


  • A new TRIOMF fertilizer production plant and warehouse facility in the harbour port of Boma DRC



  • The construction of an agricultural hub in Botswana is currently underway incorporating production, warehousing and sales of all agri-related products



  • A new fertilizer production plant and warehouse facility in Swaziland


  • A large-scale bulk shipment and receiving plant incorporating a blending unit at Richards Bay (KZN, RSA)


  • The further development of the Ermelo (MP, RSA) Phase 2 fertilizer blending plant and warehouse facility



The development of a bulk shipment and fertilizer production plant at Atlantis Cape Town (WC, RSA)



  • The TRIOMF flagship fertilizer factory at Potchefstroom (NW, RSA) incorporating a homogenous single-granule fertilizer production unit, an ammonium nitrate blending plant, a liquid fertilizer blending plant, the Politain production unit, and the Nitrex mixing unit


  • The establishment of the comprehensive blending facility at Ermelo (MP, RSA) inclusive of a complete homogenous single-granule plant


  • Complete property development: Douglas (NC, RSA)


  • Complete property development: Prieska (NC, RSA)


  • Complete property development: Lichtenburg (NW, RSA)

Recently Completed projects

The brief of this company is to acquire property and other high-value movable assets for the various enterprises under the AFRICOM COMMODITIES umbrella. Desticlox scouts out properties to acquire for present and future use to facilitate manufacturing and distribution nationally and internationally.



  • 180 000m² Potchefstroom (NW, RSA) facility where TRIOMF Fertilizer and its sister companies are located, as well as the Africom Commodities corporate Head Quaters


  • Ermelo (MP, RSA) premises


  • Douglas (NC, RSA) premises


  • Richards Bay (KZN, RSA) premises


  • Durban (KZN, RSA) premises


  • Atlantis Cape Town (WC, RSA) premises

current properties

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